Mount Ararat Trek Tours Turkey 

Day 1 : We meet you at Van Igdir or Agri airport and take you to drive to Dogubayazit, Arrive to Dogubeyazit 3-star hotel followed by orientation meeting, equipment check, and dinner.

Day 2 : Camp 1After breakfast in hotel, leave unnecessary items locked in storage room, drive to starting point at 2250 meters on Mount Ararat. Unload gear and trek 4 hours to base camp at 3200 meters. Horses will carry your backpacks and gear. You carry your own small day pack with lunch packet. Stop for tea and photos in a nomad tent along the way. Enjoy a hot dinner. Overnight at camp 1.

Day 3 : Accclimatization Day Trek to 4100 meters and return to camp 1 for the night.

Day 4 : Camp 2 After breakfast, take down tents, pack, and trek 4 hours to camp 2 at 4200 meters; transportation of equipment by horses. Enjoy hot dinner and go to sleep early at camp 2.

Day 5 : Mount Ararat Summit Wake up at 1 AM, drink tea/coffee, eat, fill thermos with hot tea, depart from camp 2 at 2 AM. Climb 5-7 hours to Mount Ararat summit at 5137 meters for sunrise. Return to camp 2 around 9:30 AM, eat, rest, pack gear for horses. Return to camp 1 for the night.

Day 6 : After breakfast at camp 1, pack equipment for horses and descend to 2250 meters to meet minibus for transfer to hotel. Have shower and short rest. Men may go to barber for shave and neck massage. Drive to hot springs to relax in thermal pool in private room. Return to Dogubeyazit for celebration dinner and Turkish deserts.

Day 7 : Dogubeyazit/Agri regional tour of Işhak Paşa Palace (closed on Mondays), Tomb of Ahmed-I Hani (famous scholar and poet), Urartian Castle, old Bayazit city
archeological ruins, mountain drive to Noah’s Ark National park (Durupinar), lunch of homemade cheese and bread, grilled chicken and tomato kebob, and watermelon with a family in a Kurdish village or nomad tent. Visit carpet factory, transfer to hotel for packing and shower. Farewell dinner.

Day 8 : Agri Departure Breakfast in hotel; transfer to Turkish Airlines bus for 1.5 hour driv

Trekking Permits

The government of Turkey requires special permits to climb Mount Ararat. Allow 45
days for us to obtain the permit for you. Please email us the following for each person:

  • A scanned copy of passport photo page
  • Full name
  • Date to begin trek

In addition, in order to email you your reservation agreement with complete details
and bank deposit information, please email us the following:

  • Address
  • Phone (land line and mobile)
  • Email address
  • Emergency contact information (may be provided when you arrive)
  • Flight arrival and departure information

To confirm your reservations and begin the permit application process, a 50%
nonrefundable payment is required. Please contact us to begin planning your trek


  • Hotel 2 nights en Dogubeyazit
  • Meals in he mountains
  • Lodging and accomodation
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Guides İngles Turkısh Spanısh France Germen Kurdısh
  • Camp equipments
  • Tents for two person
  • Horses
  • All Transfer
  • Cook Men
  • All mt Ararat and mt Suphan camping Material
  • All food and drinks In mountain
  • Not Included
  • İnternacional Ticekts
  • Personal equipments
  • Food dinner in city


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